PRIVACY POLICY - SUMMARY is committed to maintaining user privacy as a top priority. A privacy compliance framework has been established to safeguard users' rights and enable them to access and exercise their right to privacy.

The principal objective of this privacy policy is to furnish you with extensive information about the types of data we collect, how it is utilized, and the various options available for specific data usage. Our comprehensive privacy policy is implemented for the benefit of all users of our services. To enhance understanding, key components are summarized in the following section. We kindly request all California residents to review our California privacy notice.

Precise information about usage habits, visited websites, interactions with content, and the specifications of the device and operating system used to access Our Services is provided by users of Our Services. We retain your phone number for three months in case you opt to use our "click to call" service.

The gathering of this information is motivated by several factors, such as website maintenance, service delivery, quality improvement, statistical analysis, and the resolution of payment-related disputes with our suppliers, customers, and business partners.

Only when deemed essential to provide Our Services or as required by law will personal information be disclosed. It is highly advised that individuals familiarise themselves with our extensive privacy policy, as it is legally binding.

Privacy Policy

Last Updated: May 20, 2021

We value transparency and seek to clarify how (referred to as "we," "our," or "us") collects data related to the Site, its functions, subdomains, and services. This privacy policy is designed for that purpose. The term "Our Services" encompasses all the products, features, information, and services offered on our website. The headings in this policy are logically organized for ease of navigation, with a focus on enhancing user understanding and simplifying the exploration of the privacy policy.

The corporation has the freedom to adjust its privacy policy as it deems necessary without external interference. The most recent update date of the Privacy Policy is always displayed at the bottom, and any revisions are communicated on our website. Your use or interaction with the Site, which includes any subsequent downloads or access made after the changes, constitutes your acknowledgment and acceptance of the updated Privacy Policy. In the event of significant changes, timely public notification will be made through appropriate channels, such as a notice on the website, at least seven (7) days before the changes take effect. The changes will become effective seven (7) days after the notification is published.

1. Terms of Use.

The complete Privacy Policy is encompassed within the Terms of Use. If there are terms in the Privacy Policy that are not explicitly clarified, it is vital to understand their meaning in the context in which they are utilized.

2. Our Processing Legal Foundations.

Compliance with data protection laws is observed in the processing and use of personal data. It is customary to honor one or more of the following legal bases when dealing with personal data:

2.1. Fulfillment of a Contract. Utilizing Our Services indicates your explicit consent for us to offer you Our Services as per our extensive Terms of Use. The processing of certain Personal Information, including your IP address, may be necessary to carry out this activity.

2.2. Justifiable Interests. For legitimate business purposes, including analytics, improving user experiences, preventing fraud, and maintaining security, the legal use of Personal Information collected from users of our services is authorized.

2.3. Legal Responsibilities. The collection of personal data may be necessary to meet legal or regulatory obligations, such as responding to consumer complaints or providing information to regulatory bodies.

2.4. Assent. The person's express consent may be required for the processing and use of personal information to offer additional services. Examples of these services include creating a user profile, receiving personalized offers, writing product reviews, and subscribing to newsletters. To maintain legal compliance for this processing, you can withdraw your consent at any time by clicking the provided link, and we will contact you as needed after confirming your request.

3. Data That We Handle.

The gathering of data on user interactions and utilization of Our Services is achieved through the application of various methods.

3.1. Data You Provide Us. The utilization of specific features and services on Our Services requires the disclosure of particular personal information. This includes activities such as forming a user profile, providing reviews for products or services, subscribing to newsletters, and receiving promotional materials. We actively seek your voluntary consent before collecting any personal data, as outlined in the following section if you agree to our privacy policy.

"Personal Information" in this Privacy Policy refers to any data that, either independently or when coupled with other information, can be used to identify a specific individual. This encompasses details like home address, phone number, email address, full name, and additional contact information. Whether an IP address qualifies as personal information depends on factors like its intended use and the legal jurisdiction in question. The user's Internet service provider assigns the IP address to their device, influencing its classification. While personally identifiable information, if discovered, will be handled with great care (though this is highly unlikely), the suggested method does not enable user identification.

3.1.1. Third-Party Offered Forms and Services: Operating as a corporation, we provide diverse services, encompassing the assessment of different brands, enterprises, and companies identified as "Partners." Our evaluation extends to the complementary products offered by these Partners, which we term as "Products." Users may sporadically avail themselves of additional opportunities, resources, and services through our partners. By willingly filling out an online form, users gain access to these supplementary offerings. The information furnished on the form facilitates the efficient processing of your engagement by the pertinent Partner ("Lead").

To initiate a transaction with a Partner or acquire additional information about a Partner or Product, simply select the corresponding Partner icon or tab. This will redirect you to a specialized landing page curated by the Partner. It's noteworthy that the Partner is responsible for the ownership and management of this website. Additionally, the website can be accessed through various online portals. Visitors may encounter inquiries for specific information on the landing page, covering their name, phone number, and email address—collectively referred to as "Landing Page Info."

It is essential to grasp that the Partner overseeing the landing page immediately receives user information. Therefore, the provided information is governed by the privacy policy and data collection methodologies of the Partner. It is strongly encouraged to acquaint yourself with the privacy policies of the relevant entities to fully comprehend how your Personal Information is collected and utilized.

3.1.2. Contact Us. The business has the prerogative to seek the divulgence of specific Personal Information, such as the user's name and email address, when a user communicates with us via multiple communication channels, including emails, web forms, feedback forms, or service reporting tools. The guidelines expounded in sections 4 and 5 of the Privacy Policy clarify that the user's furnished information, together with the specifics of their inquiry, will be utilized to address their request and achieve our valid business objectives.

3.1.3. Blogs, Newsletters, Surveys, and Promotions. Our services include a blog forum, reviews, and articles covering Partners, Services, Products, and relevant business verticals. Additionally, participants can engage in activities like newsletter subscriptions, marketing campaigns, and polls. These tasks can be managed either internally or by external contractors chosen by the service provider. When individuals participate in specific activities such as taking surveys, subscribing to newsletters, or commenting on blogs, they may be requested to provide Personal Information, such as their name and email address. Importantly, in such instances, this information will be shared with a third party, and their privacy policy will take precedence over ours. We commit to using the provided information solely for its intended purposes.

3.1.4. User Reviews and User Profiles. Users are empowered to request the creation of a user profile for our services or opt for an evaluation of our partners. This decision allows us to enhance our understanding of your preferences, resulting in a more personalized and unique experience.

3.2. Collected Data From Your Input. We Employ Diverse Methods to Gather Information on the Utilization and Interaction of Our Services.

3.2.1. Information about the Device: Obtaining device-specific details is instrumental in optimizing service delivery and ensuring cross-device compatibility concerning language, location, and time zone. Critical attributes encompass device type, operating system, language, and user agent details like browser type and screen resolution.

3.2.2. Interactions and Usage: We collect data on user behavior to continually enhance and maximize the functionality of our services, sharing this information with partners and affiliates. Users have the option to log in through Uniform Resource Locators (URLs) from both internal and external sources. Moreover, we closely monitor user activity on the platform, tracking views and clicks, and documenting the chronological sequence of user interactions on the website, along with the exact day and time of their visits.

3.2.3. Log Files: Tracking technologies, such as pixel tags, are implemented on our platforms to retrieve information from server log files, analyzing user behavior for pattern recognition and evaluating interactions with our services. Internet Protocol (IP) addresses, assigned by Internet service providers (ISPs) to users' devices, form part of the collected data. The principal aim is to identify user location, considering preferred language, country, and state. This allows us to provide services in a language aligned with users' native tongue and suitable for their location. Subsequently, automated procedures scrutinize IP addresses for any signs of unethical behavior.

3.2.4. Cookies and Similar Technologies. To anonymously track users online, we may use technologies like "cookies," "web beacons," and "pixel tags" in conjunction with our services. These technologies may be employed by us or other service providers. A "cookie" is a small digital file sent by a website to a user's computer. Cookies are instrumental in enabling the website to identify and recognize the specific browser a user is using upon their return. Through this functionality, the website can store and retrieve user preferences and relevant data about their interactions with Our Services. Users can opt to fully accept cookies or receive notifications whenever a new cookie is added to their web browser. However, opting for this may lead to the disabling of certain features or services on the website, restricting access to specific sections.

Websites often integrate an internal device referred to as a "pixel tag" to track and record user activity, encompassing email access and reading when relevant. The harmonious collaboration of cookies is typically successful.

To gain a detailed understanding of the various cookie types in use and the integration of tracking technologies and cookies on Our Services, we urge you to carefully review our Cookie Policy.

3.3. Information we receive from Third Parties. Working in tandem with other entities, affiliates, and partners, our services aim for peak operational efficiency. Data is derived from multiple channels, including an internal user identity generator and the analysis of user behaviors, encompassing clicks, purchases, views, form completions, and phone calls.

Leveraging the click-to-call feature on our platform streamlines customers' access to a variety of services. In these instances, involving external service providers enables call routing, monitoring, and reporting. This means that the phone number used for contact may be retained briefly, with no personal information stored. The core purpose of this data is to optimize the efficiency of our partnerships and recommendations. Your explicit permissions, nonetheless, set boundaries on the utilization of your data beyond its original intended purposes.

4.  Agreement, Option, and Adjustments.

Providing Personal Information while using Our Services is a voluntary choice for users. The decision to engage in this activity rests entirely with the user. Utilizing our services implies agreement with the terms laid out in the privacy statement and any pertinent information practices. We respectfully encourage users of Our Services to align with these principles.

Users have the final say in using different services, even if it means sharing specific personal information. Changing one's mind is a valid option, even after sensitive information has been disclosed. Check section 8 for more details on opting out and withdrawing consent.

5. Purposes for the collection of information.

The fundamental purpose of collecting Personal Information, often denoted as "your Information," is to facilitate the smooth provision of Our Services and enhance their overall quality. Specific purposes for acquiring this information include refining user interaction with our services, improving the overall caliber of the services, monitoring recommendations and advertisements, verifying user identities, preventing fraud, addressing user queries and other communications, and authenticating user access to and utilization of our services.

6. Sharing Your Information with Third Parties.

The sharing of personal information with parties outside our organization is restricted and occurs only in certain instances:

6.1. Solutions for Data Preservation and Protection ("Data Platforms"): Enhance user data management through "Data Platforms," external cloud storage services. This means user data is distributed to international corporations, such as those in the United States, for processing or storage. For insights into their privacy approaches, see Amazon Web Services at We impose rigorous data protection and privacy standards on these Data Platforms, ensuring they comply with legal data protection norms. Remember, their privacy policies are specific to their in-house processes and activities.

6.2. Social Media Platforms. In the context of marketing and operational functions, social media channels such as Facebook and LinkedIn may acquire and use personal data about you that doesn't directly identify you. These platforms possess the ability to collect personal data independently and potentially combine it with the data we submit, provided we have the user's express permission. Our ability to comprehend or influence the privacy policies of these social media platforms is limited, which forms the basis for personal information disclosure. Californians have the legal right to opt out of data sharing, as specified in Section 9 of our Privacy Notice.

6.3. Other Third Parties. Information you input may be accessible to outside parties aiding our business, such as customer service representatives and providers of phone or email services. These companies also help analyze user interaction and improve services. It's important that these service providers uphold their own privacy policies and make them known to users. Prior to making purchases, it's recommended to closely scrutinize the policies of these companies. Many of these companies are globally located, based on their server infrastructure's geographical position.

6.4. Enforcement. The transfer of Personal Information to other organizations may be contemplated if it is considered advantageous or imperative. This may involve scenarios like complying with prevailing laws, regulations, court verdicts, or official inquiries. Additionally, this measure might be necessary to examine potential term violations, detect and rectify fraud or security threats, and defend the assets, confidentiality, or safety of, our partner companies, you, and/or the populace.

6.5. Partners and Products. In certain situations, we may decide to disclose Personal Information to other organizations if it appears to be helpful or required. This might be in line with complying with relevant laws, rules, court rulings, or official inquiries. Such steps may also be taken to examine potential violations of our terms, identify and mitigate fraud or security risks, and protect the resources, confidentiality, or safety of, our connected corporations, you, and/or the wider community.

6.6. Merger, Sale or Bankruptcy. The possibility of transferring or assigning Personal Information and other data, which has been accumulated or obtained, arises if and its allied companies plan to divest themselves of some or all of their assets, or if they intend to merge with or acquire another enterprise. In these instances, the onus is on the data-collecting entity to ensure that data processing is conducted transparently and ethically, respecting the rights of individuals as mandated by the laws applicable in their countries of domicile.

In certain instances, we share non-personal information with third parties outside our organization and within select internal groups. External companies may provide services and features that benefit either us or themselves. Integrations of our website with services from companies like Tableau and Google Analytics simplify the process of data collection when users engage with our site. Monitoring user behaviors, including clicks, scrolls, cursor movements, and keyboard input, helps to optimize the information and content presented on our web pages.

Our website incorporates third-party technologies, each employing its own cookies to execute certain operations, and following its own set of privacy guidelines. For a detailed understanding of our cookie usage, we suggest referring to our Cookie Policy. To discover more about how Google utilizes cookies, you can access the information through the given link. Furthermore, there is an option to opt out of Google Analytics, for which a separate link is provided.

7. Navigating and Interfacing with Third-Party Domains.

On our website, there may be links to different documents, files online, or webpages, collectively known as "Third Party Properties," which are not under our direct supervision. Included in this are web pages that belong to relevant third-party entities. When a user decides to utilize these links and share their personal information on these authorized Third-Party Properties, it could be acquired by these third parties. It is pertinent to recognize that and its associated companies may have data exchange agreements with these third parties, including the transfer of Personal Information. Importantly, the privacy policies and data collection activities of these third-party entities do not extend to Third-Party Properties and Products. Users are earnestly recommended to carefully read and understand the privacy statements and terms of service of any Third-Party Property they intend to use or interact with.

8. Choices and Opt-Out.

Users are advised, as per our Privacy Policy, to carefully contemplate before deciding to share personal data with us. This guidance is relevant for individuals regardless of their present residency. The activation of rights regarding personal information for these individuals is conditional upon various specified circumstances:

8.1. Cookies and Tracking Technologies. Users have the ability to limit or disallow the use of cookies by websites or services from third parties through adjustments in their web browser configurations. For more comprehensive guidance on this topic, see Section 2.1.1 of the agreement currently in effect.

8.2. It's best practice for users to rigorously assess their Personal Information, implement any necessary corrections, or if the information is no longer essential, formally ask for its deletion from our systems. More information on this can be found in the aforementioned Section 2.

9. Your Rights.

9.1. EU Data Subject Rights. When collecting, using, and retaining personal data, the GDPR is adhered to.

Being a user in the EU provides you with several options, such as:

  • You have the option to make an official request for the personal data connected to your profile, which is currently being maintained by our organization. To verify your identity, it's essential for you to provide the necessary credentials.
  • Please let us know if you encounter any data that is erroneous, incomplete, or no longer current, so we can adjust it accordingly. If you intend to withdraw your consent for the processing of your personal data, do contact us. It is essential to recognize that the withdrawal of consent does not apply retroactively to any data processing already executed with your prior consent.
  • We hereby formally request the erasure or restriction of access to your personal information. Individuals can request that third parties, who may possess their Personal Information as indicated in this Privacy Policy, observe these stipulations, along with abiding by any pertinent legal responsibilities.
  • Individuals have the alternative of filing an official complaint with the regulatory entity tasked with the oversight and enforcement of data privacy rules.
  • Users hold the authority to dissent against the usage of their personal data, specifically when it's applied to direct marketing endeavors.

9.2. Canada.  To find out about the sharing of their personal information with third parties for direct marketing, Canadian individuals can send an inquiry to [email protected].

9.3. Privacy Notice for California Residents. For personal data issues, Californians may be governed by state-specific laws. Our comprehensive privacy policy includes an extra section that may address considerations unique to Californians. The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) provides specific rights to residents of California regarding their personal information. These rights are available to Californians who fulfill the legal prerequisites.

  • Request to Know/Access: It's your obligation to stay fully informed about the entirety of the data that has been compiled, employed, revealed, or obtained regarding you in the last twelve (12) months. Before proceeding to access your information, it's critical to closely review Section 3.1, detailing user-provided data, Section 3.2, describing service-acquired data, and Section 3.3, regarding third-party-sourced data. Once your request is submitted and your identity is confirmed, you will be provided with an exhaustive report detailing all your personal data that has been collected.
  • Request for Deletion. The right to have personal data deleted from our databases is granted to individuals. Yet, there are certain situations where this rule does not apply, like when it's necessary to revise data for security, legal, or troubleshooting reasons. After confirming your identity, we will proceed with the deletion of your personal data from our systems, unless there are particular exceptions.
  • Request to Opt-Out from Sale of Personal Information: Our company does not sell personal information at this time. Yet, under the California Consumer Protection Act, some uses of cookies might be considered equivalent to selling personal information. Californians can assert their right to prevent the sale of their personal information to third parties anytime. This can be done by clicking on the "do not sell my personal information" link located at the bottom of our website. Please note, even after opting out, advertisements that are broadly targeted and reflect the nature of Our Services may still be shown.
  • No Discrimination: At this moment, our company does not sell personal data of individuals, but some cookie uses may be deemed as such under the California Consumer Protection Act. Californians have the authority to prevent their personal information from being shared with external parties. To initiate this, click on the "do not sell my personal information" hyperlink at our webpage's bottom and proceed with your choice. However, even after opting out, individuals may continue to see tailored ads that are based on their specific receiver profile and incorporate the unique aspects of Our Services.
  • Handling Privacy Requests: The goal of our company is to provide exhaustive and logical answers to customer inquiries within a 45-day timeframe from when they are initially received. If more time is necessary for completing a task, the individual concerned will be informed in writing, with a possible extension of up to another 45 days. Retention of personal data may be vital for tasks like troubleshooting, security breach identification, legal compliance, or in instances where the verification process is complex.
  • Our California Do Not Track Notice: "Do Not Track" (DNT) is a feature present in many web browsers, enabling users to express their preference not to be tracked across various websites, including our platform. Currently, our company does not have the functionality to acknowledge DNT signals. In some cases, third parties, like analytics tools providers, may be considered authorized to collect personal data about a user's online behavior across multiple platforms and services. The degree to which this affects the user's interaction with our services is subjective to the individual user.

10. Information Security.

Understanding the significance of data security, we have taken steps to ensure the protection of the privacy and integrity of information that is sent, processed, and stored via our website and computer systems. Our website is fortified with SSL encryption, and we regularly perform checks to secure our data collection and processing methods. When engaging third-party services for data transmission and storage, we ensure they meet established standards and certifications in information security. Our company has also installed monitoring tools and set up access controls to efficiently supervise and limit employee access to sensitive data.

It's crucial to recognize that the global network's extensive scale makes it impossible to ensure absolute protection against unauthorized access and other security threats, despite our best efforts. This inherent limitation means we cannot promise that our systems and services will be entirely free from security breaches.

11. Children’s Privacy.

Intentionally, our services do not cater to individuals under sixteen years of age, and our policy strictly prevents the gathering of Personal Information from minors below this age limit. Upon accidental discovery of Personal Information from persons under sixteen, we will undertake appropriate measures to remove it. If you have concerns or queries about the likelihood of us possessing such information, please feel free to contact us at [email protected] for additional insights.

12. Non-US Users.

It's possible that Personal Information could be transferred from an individual's native or home country to a different country. In such cases, the protection level for personal data in the destination country might not be as robust as in the person's original country. A common scenario is the transfer of personal data to the United States. To ensure data is sufficiently protected during processing, we establish contractual measures with external contractors involved in data handling.

By engaging with our services and providing your Personal Information, you are actively consenting to the use of your data as defined in this Privacy Policy. This consent specifically includes the transfer of your data to other countries, particularly to the United States.

13. Commitment.

Our Services stand out for their unwavering commitment to following the most advanced privacy standards in the industry, a source of considerable pride for us. We are dedicated to continuously adapting to the changing demands of our clients, ensuring our privacy practices remain cutting-edge.

14. Contact Us.

The privacy statement provided here is both brief and factual. If you have questions, please do not hesitate to email us at [email protected]. Moreover, UK citizens have a legal right to file a complaint with the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO), which can be done at